Woman’s ex-boyfriend never left the family when they broke up

TikToker Samantha Taylor (@sam.taylorrrrr) shared an amusing TikTok in which she reveals that her ex-boyfriend still spends time with her family even though they broke up. Based on viewers’ responses, this situation is more common than you’d think.

Breakups are hard. Not only are you breaking up with the person in your relationship, but in many cases you’re also breaking up with their friends and family too. However, that’s not always the case. Just take Taylor, who showed in a recent video that while she and her boyfriend may have broken up, he’s still very much in a relationship with her family. As bewildered as Taylor seems about the situation, viewers said it’s actually not that uncommon. 

The clip opens with the text, “My fam doesn’t have to ask, ‘What happened to you and that guy you dated for two years?’ at Thanksgiving because he never left the family after we broke up,” over a shot of Taylor looking into the camera mystified. 

Taylor reverses the camera to reveal her ex-boyfriend enjoying his meal across the table. She then pans the camera over the long table, showing her entire family while her ex eats comfortably with them as though he’s a member.

“[H]e’s like a cousin now,” she writes in the caption.

Viewers weren’t that surprised by the ‘ex’ situation

Despite Taylor’s skepticism over what could potentially be an awkward situation, many viewers said they still keep in contact with their ex’s family members. 

“My ex and I separated after 20 years, and he goes to family functions, and I don’t,” shared one user. 

My ex-husband still comes to my family’s Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Easter. I’m remarried. We coexist for the kids,” one parent mentioned.

“My dad didn’t stop going to my mom’s family stuff either after they broke up. They got back together years later and have been married [for] 47 years now,” said one viewer. 

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