Woman’s hardcore response to a possible intruder has TikTok users inspired

If you thought you saw an intruder standing behind your curtain, what would you do? Run? Scream? Cry?

I would probably do all three, but TikTok user anna_banannaaaaa opted for a fourth option — throw hands.

In a now-viral video, anna_banannaaaaa can be seen showing off a drink can.


Ummmmm ok… #spooky but what was that ?

♬ Scary – Background Sounds

“So for today’s drink,” she said, brandishing the container of what was presumably a lime Whiteclaw. We’ll never know for sure what “today’s drink” is, because she stopped talking.

Behind her, a curtain covering an open sliding glass doorway rippled, likely in the wind. She caught the movement in the camera lens as she was recording, clearly, because she burst into action, thinking it was an intruder or a ghost.

Anna_banannaaaaa sprinted across the room, leapt into the air and punched the curtain with full force. We can assume there was no intruder after all, but if there were, they’d be a goner.

Her courage left commenters deeply impressed.

“We all on flight mode and she’s on fight mode,” one user said.

“You had no hesitation! I want you on my team when the zombie apocalypse happens,” another wrote.

“She don’t play,” a third said.

Others claimed to see a figure behind the curtain in the background of the video, making the whole thing appear staged or exceptionally creepy.

“You can see someone crawling behind her,” one user wrote.

“Did anyone else see her friend duck and crawl out of the frame?” another said.

Guess it’s time to brush up on self-defense.

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