Woman’s roommate steals all pots and pans, then ghosts her: ‘Why do we all have a crazy roommate experience?’

A woman on TikTok had an interesting experience with her roommate and took to the app to tell her followers all about it. 

Kiah Sanders (@spotifyuser007) posted a video of her shopping to replace the pots and pans her roommate had taken from her. 


Shes been at her bfs grandparents bc theyre out of town for the month #fyp #SeeHerGreatness #roommate #roommateproblems this is ridiculously childish behavior #wtf #foryou #fypシ #viral #thisisyoursign

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“If you were needing a sign to not live with roommates, here it is because I’m at Walmart buying pans and pots and dishes because I woke up without any because my roommate took them,” she said in her post. 

According to Sanders, her roommate took the items Sanders paid for and wasn’t in the apartment for a month. All of this comes with their lease ending in fewer than six months. 

“Why do we all have a crazy roommate experience,” said @marilougee under that post. 

Following that post, Sanders made a follow-up video explaining more. In the Know reached out for comment but didn’t receive a response.


Replying to @marilougee i do appreciate all the responses and people who feel like they relate to this im sorry! It sucks but not everyone is the same and you really learn that living w someone so lessons have been learned 🫶🏼 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #roommates #roommate

♬ original sound – 😎

“Her and I are very good friends, and I love her,” she said. “We don’t work well as roommates.”

Sanders explained how she hadn’t contacted her roommate because they were on spring break, and she didn’t want to ruin her fun. She noted that she wasn’t a petty person, but some people in the comments said how they would’ve handled the situation. 

“Nah i would ask cause she didnt consider u when taking them,” said @prettylittleannee.

Sanders mentioned that this isn’t the first time she’s had an issue with her friend. They’ve had multiple issues, which she wants to keep private. However, her roommate is blocked from the account, so Sanders did say she could potentially post about it down the line. 

With their lease ending in the summer, Sanders said that she would be moving into another apartment with four other roommates and is excited about the new situation. 

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