Woman’s unusual car decoration turns heads

With “cottagecore” taking over the internet, more and more social media users are sharing the steps they take to attain the cozy lifestyle that encourages people to live a simple life and in harmony with nature.

A typical cottagecore post might display someone’s sewing skills, or the latest pie they baked or the garden they’re growing. There’s usually quite a bit of sunlight, grass and craftiness involved.

TikTok user thelonelycrocc took cottagecore to the next level, though — instead of going back to nature, she brought nature back with her.

She shared a video of herself going to Home Depot, purchasing fake grass and placing it in the floorboards and cupholders of her car.

In a second video, thelonelycrocc answered some frequently asked questions about her car.

She said she spent $51 on a patch of fake grass that was 12 feet long and 2 feet wide. She said that ended up being too much for her car, so she gave some to her friend as well.

The lonelycrocc also addressed concerns that the grass would slip and get caught in her pedals while she was driving.

“I made sure they were safe. They don’t move around a lot,” she said in her video.

The response from commenters was mixed, to say the least.

Some thought it was a great idea.

“That’s fricken genius,” one user said.

“i wanna do this so bad bro,” another wrote.

Others had their doubts.

“All fun and games till u find an ant hill,” one user wrote.

“Why are people doing this …” another said.

The lonelycrocc has no regrets about her cottagecore experiment, and said in a video that she is even considering buying cow print seat covers to match the aesthetic.

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