Woman’s unusual craft project leaves her husband disturbed

A photo of a Furby transformed into a long, snake-like creation is going viral on Twitter.

Twitter user Johnny Chiodini shared a photo of the unusual masterpiece in his home to Twitter. He said his wife has been working on it for weeks and it has made living there “very uncomfortable.”

The craft is unusual, for sure, but it’s not as random as you might think. The “Long Furby” is actually a fictional creature that has a devoted following.

No one seems to know who created the first Long Furby, but they’ve been around for a couple of years — long enough to amass at least 12,000 fans in a Reddit community, many of whom replicate the critters themselves.

Chiodini told Insider that his wife spent about 20 hours over six weeks working on her Long Furby after a friend jokingly suggested that she wanted one for her birthday.

“She actually acquired some new skills along the way,” he told the outlet. “She had to learn how to solder in order to put a new button on the outside so it can be turned on.”

He said that when the couple presented the offbeat gift to their friend in the park on August 8, “she started screaming so loudly when she got it that the entire park fell silent.”

It is now proudly displayed in her home, and how could it not be?

If you hear the siren call of the Long Furby and decide to make your own — I’m not here to judge — you can find guides at Instructables and on Tumblr.

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