Women accidentally trap their friend in a locker while traveling abroad: ‘What’s the password?’

These women accidentally locked their friend in a locker in a hilarious and terrifying video.


If this was used in court we would have some explaining to do

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Eliza Pearl (@elizapearl0) is a TikToker who experienced a hilarious mishap while on a trip with some friends. Pearl and her friends were about to head to the airport in Vienna for an early morning flight and were possibly a little loopy because of the early hour. In a shocking video, Pearl and her friends were joking around in a locker room before the flight, when they managed to accidentally lock one of their friends in a locker.

The video begins with two of Pearl’s friends standing in front of an open locker while Pearl records.

“Get in, nerd!” one friend says to the other, then playfully shoves her into the locker. The friend, who is clearly in on the joke, willingly scoots back into the locker and then pulls her feet in. Then the friend closes the locker door. 

“Accidentally trapping our friend in a locker in Vienna an hour before we had to be at the airport at 3 a.m.,” Pearl explains in a caption.

The moment the locker door is closed, the friends realize they have a problem. The locker is locked, and they don’t know the code to open it! The women begin laughing and screaming as they realize they have a problem. 

“What’s the password?” one girl yells. 

That’s when the girl in the locker replies, yelling numbers that are muffled by the locker door. It turns out the girl in the locker is the only one who knows the code.

The girls try to understand their friend, punching in the numbers she yells and repeatedly trying to open the locker to no avail. Finally, after much laughing, screaming and failed attempts to open the locker, they get the password right. 

They open the door and their friend climbs out, none the worse for wear, with a big grin on her face. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem too traumatized and seems to have found the entire situation as hilarious as her friends. 

“If this was used in court, we would have some explaining to do,” Pearl joked in a caption.

TikTok viewers get secondhand claustrophobia

Viewers were cracking up at the ridiculous situation. 

“My claustrophobia would not allow me to make it out alive,” one viewer wrote. 

“And this is why we’ll never make our lockers any bigger,” Equinox’s TikTok account joked. 

“What a great friendship group!” another TikToker wrote, possibly with irony.

Pearl’s video shows how important remembering passwords can be!

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