Women take extreme action to make sure their friend breaks up with her boyfriend

It can be really hard to break up with someone, no matter the state of your relationship.

It helps to have friends by your side through the process, but maybe not literally.

TikTok user emilygaggstatter08 shared a video of a number of her friends hiding throughout her room — under beds, inside the closet and so on.


that time when 10 of my friends hid in my room to make sure I ended things with a boy & he still doesn’t know to this day…#fyp #foryou #oops

♬ Don’t be suspicious – dumbbishsauce

“That time when 10 of my friends hid in my room to make sure I ended things with aboy & he still doesn’t know to this day ….” she wrote in the caption.

It’s possible he does know at this point, because the video went viral — it has garnered over 4 million likes and 15 million views on the platform so far.

Commenters were divided over emilygaggstatter08’s strategy.

Some thought it was rude to the man who was being broken up with.

“Why do girls do this? Had a girl record us breaking up and sent it to her friend group and were laughing at it. Shouldn’t this be a bit more personal?” one user said.

“This is super messed up,” another wrote.

Others thought it was harmless.

“if her friends had to hide and MAKE SURE she broke up with him, he probably deserves to be laughed at,” one wrote.

“I’m just sitting over here wondering who has 10 whole friends,” another said.

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