Wondering why all your TikTok videos are gone? You’re not alone

People are saying that TikTok removed all of their videos on March 10. And they are panicking.  

It appears a glitch has affected both iPhone and Android users. For many, the app is just completely down. But when others have opened up their profiles, all of their videos have seemingly disappeared. Instead of a grid full of posts, it is totally empty. 

The loss has been seriously alarming for creators, especially those who have been making content for years on the platform. Some users also say they’ve seen a message telling them to “share your first video” as though they hadn’t already. 

“Well, I just woke up to having EVERY SINGLE POSTED VIDEO on my TikTok being GONE. All that work, gone. I still have my drafts, but all my posted vids are gone. What do I do?” @sugarqueenmc said on Twitter

“POV: You wake up and all your TikTok posts are gone,” @g0ggleb0y wrote in a tweet

“So is TikTok messing up and saying no videos yet for anyone else?” @jayyysadvise said, sharing screenshots of profiles with missing videos.  

It’s likely that TikTok is aware of the technical issues and working on them. In the meantime, clearing your cache could help resolve the glitch. 

Step 1: Open TikTok “Settings.” Then tap “Clear Cache.” 

Step 2: Restart the app by closing it and opening it again. 

You can also try logging in and out of the app or deleting, then -re-downloading it, if clearing the cache doesn’t work. 

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