TikTokers disgusted by wooden spoon cleaning hack video: ‘I’m scared to do this’

A TikTok video showing a useful hack for cleaning wooden spoons is grossing people out on the platform.

Bonnie McNamara, a 20-year-old student teacher who runs a cleaning TikTok account called @miss.clean.with.me, shared the video on Feb. 4. It has since racked up over 15.4 million views.

In the clip, a wooden spoon is placed in a glass cup, which is then filled with steaming hot water.

After soaking for what seems like a few minutes in the water bath, the porous spoon begins to secrete small bits of food and sauce that appear to be leftover from previous cooking sessions.

TikTokers were understandably grossed out by the nasty surprise that could be lurking in their trusty spoons, with some saying they wish they never saw the clip in the first place.

“Sometimes I like to remain in ignorance. This is one of those times,” wrote one user.

“I’m not doing this to my years old wooden spoons,” joked another. “I don’t wanna know. It boosts my immune system.”

“I’m scared to do this, scrolling like I ain’t see nothin,” said a third.

Although the footage may seem off-putting, don’t run to the kitchen and chuck all your wooden utensils just yet.

According to All Recipes, though wood is indeed porous and can soak up liquids and oils from the food you’re cooking, any bacteria that may be drawn into your wooden spoon (such as, say, salmonella from raw chicken) should not return to the surface once it makes its way into the wood’s cells, where it will eventually die.

Chris Riley, a recipe developer, culinary expert and founder of The Daring Kitchen, previously told Yahoo the best way to clean a wooden spoon to ensure its longevity is to wash it with hot water and soap quickly after each use. Afterward, he recommends patting it dry with a clean cloth and then letting it air dry before putting it away.

Do not let the spoon soak in water for too long, he warned, as that can cause it to swell, which can, in turn, cause it to crack when it dries.

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