Woodworker transforms old skateboard decks into a one-of-a-kind baseball bat

Who knew woodworking could be so transformative?

Cameron Porter shares his woodworking creations on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube under the handle Cammie’s Garage. The artist describes Cammie’s Garage as “not a how-to channel” but a “this-is-what-I-did channel.”

Whether it’s making a cool honey dipper, a sea turtle sculpture or a fan blade from wood, you might not be able to recreate his steps but you certainly will enjoy watching the process. 

In this video, Porter’s friend and fellow woodworker Larry Reaves asks Porter if he can create a baseball bat with Porter’s lathe. Porter agrees as long as he’s allowed to record Reaves working for Cammie’s Garage.

First, Reaves glues a stack of skateboard decks together. Then he cuts them into rectangular segments. The segments are then trimmed into smaller rhombus-like pieces. 

Reaves fits the rhombuses together like a puzzle and glues them together. This creates a lengthy piece of wood. Using a table saw, he trims the sides of the wood off to turn it into a long hexagon shape. Next, he puts the hexagon on the lathe. As the wood spins, Reaves uses tools to sand and trim the wood block into a baseball bat.

Unfortunately, while doing the final step the bat broke and Reaves was forced to start the long process over. Nevertheless, the end product is still quite unique. The one-of-a-kind baseball bat has all of the colorful accents from the numerous skateboard decks used to create it. 

YouTube users praised the inside look at the woodworker’s process.

“That bat was great. Too bad about the first one. Did you save some of those shavings? They would be great cast in resin,” one user suggested.

“Touch of humor is cool. Both bats are artwork,” another said

“This was a GREAT video! I loved to see the whole process of Larry! Fantastic! Thanks for making the video Cammie,” one YouTube user wrote. 

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