Woodzee’s Recycled Skateboard Sunglasses combine sustainability with Southern California style

Living sustainably can be as easy as getting dressed in the morning, and this unique eyewear company helps you do just that. Woodzee (@woodzeeinc) is a one-of-a-kind company that makes sunglasses out of recycled materials, specifically skateboards! Woodzee’s stylish Recycled Skateboard Sunglasses are made of upcycled skateboard decks and will have you making a fashion statement and a positive impact on the environment

Woodzee founder Luke Winter worked in retail for nearly 20 years, but always wanted to strike out on his own. He started Woodzee in 2013 as a hobby, and it eventually grew into something more. 

Woodzee initially offered only three styles of sunglasses that were made out of 100% wood, but many more styles were added after Winter started looking into 3D-printing as a production model. “At the time, my eldest son was in high school and they had a 3D printer for their engineering program,” Winter tells In The Know. “I met the high school teacher for that and I started working with high school students. We started designing [the sunglasses] on 3D printers and next thing you know, we went from three to 30 different designs quickly.”

Winter shares that he wanted to incorporate recycled materials into his eyewear products, and having grown up around the skateboard culture in Venice Beach, California he thought, “Why not skateboards?”

“I collect skateboards and the whole community probably gathered like a thousand skateboard decks and we produced sunglasses out of them,” Winter tells In The Know. 

For Winter, the essence of Woodzee is all about combining style and nature. “I try to combine stylish products that are good for the planet, and to really seek out materials that are sustainable or recyclable,” he tells In The Know. For instance, Winter shares that he has started exploring acetates, which are vegetable-based plastics, as a material for Woodzee sunglasses. 

Woodzee also has a recycle program where customers can return their sunglasses at any time and get 50% off their next pair. Winter then uses the parts of the recycled pair to make more sunglasses. 

Woodzee’s Recycled Skateboard Sunglasses prove that easy and impactful eco-conscious acts are sometimes right in front of your eyes!

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