TikTokers showing ‘passion and emotion’ with Frank Sinatra and word pyramid filter

Word game filters are all the rage on TikTok, from the reincarnation of Wordle to this new word pyramid filter. 

The filter was created by Wande Tricada (@wandetri) and has become a viral trend. Over 93,000 videos have been made with the filter. 

The point of the pyramid is simple. Users have to make a word with the amount of spaces in each row (two spaces requires a two letter word). You have to build the words one letter at a time, but get to skip the letter given to you 10 times. 

The overall goal is just to get five words in the spaces, even if they don’t make sense. 

“Sounds like an acronym teachers would use to remember something,” commented @red_legged_partridge.

Several users have had trouble making five words, so when it does happen, users are celebrating in the most grandiose way possible. 

The popular trend with this filter is to play Frank Sinatra’s “My Way (2008 Remastered)” in the background. With its big finish and Sinatra’s iconic voice, the song meshes well with the happiness exuded by the winners — like @nickphillips’ video in which he beat the game while running out of skips. 

There’s a lot of elation that comes with winning this game, that even commenters feel it, despite not winning the game themselves. 

“When u sat up I too sat up. Such passion and emotion,” said @jacob.lutsky

Although the point of the game is to spell five words, some people have found just enough fulfillment from playing the game their way. 

Here @_nickvogel, who has created a series on his page of trying to put the letters in alphabetical order without knowing the next one, decided to play the game with no intention of spelling one word. 

Filter games have created a lane for themselves on TikTok and along with the help of one of the most famous singers of all-time, the word pyramid filter is quickly moving up the list of users’ favorite ones. 

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