World Champion jump roper dazzles with amazing flips

Ridge Robson is a three-time World Champion jump roper. The Cincinnati native has performed on “America’s Got Talent” and its foreign counterparts in Italy and Germany. Robson’s specialty is freestyle and he shares his elaborate tricks on TikTok and Instagram.

In this TikTok, Robson launches into a front flip, but before he can land, he jumps into a hands-free backflip and loops the jump rope around him twice. Robson sticks the landing but doesn’t stop jumping.

He hops through the rope on one foot, does a handstand and jumps a few times before ending the trick. This is one you’ll want to watch a few times to fully digest.

“Impressive!” one TikTok user wrote.

“Got a lot of air on that one!” another added

“On beat! Level up,” one person said

Robson began jumping rope through an afterschool program called Shooting Stars in first grade and began competing a few years later. He has since garnered a large social media following with his tricks featured on accounts like Barstool Sports and Worldstar. 

“I started to get positive comments and messages from everyone when I posted,” Robson told The News Record. “I felt I had to keep posting every week since people always expressed how big of a motivation I was to them. I love that Instagram has allowed me to help and connect with so many different people.”

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