Reddit roasts alleged World of Warcraft ad seeking ‘moderately attractive women’

After a Reddit user shared an ad from a self-described “new-ish” World of Warcraft (WoW) guild seeking a specific type of recruit, Redditors are absolutely roasting its bizarre sexism.

WoW guilds are in-game communities that allow players to form groups to game together or just socialize. The guilds are a significant part of the international WoW community because they offer support to players new and old. 

“We accept anyone, but moderately attractive women will be given special treatment. Let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like an invite,” stated the guild ad posted by @AtlasDestiny in the “WoW” forum. It received 3,500 upvotes and raised a few eyebrows too.

Redditors naturally had a field day with the unusual language. After all, what exactly is a “moderately attractive” woman?

“God this has to be satire right? If it is, then it’s actually pretty funny. But if not…” a user wrote. 

“You know, I’m something of an attractive woman myself,” a Redditor said, to which another replied jokingly, “Sorry, we are currently only looking for moderately attractive women. Superior attractive ones are too needy and can add to disruptions between our other females.”

“There’s nothing better when courting someone than saying hey, I think you are moderately attractive,” another commented

“What I’m saying is that half of the women in the world are uglier than you. And I mean it as a compliment!” someone joked

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