Jeweler sets world record with 12,638-diamond ring: ‘It’s priceless’

Harshit Bansal earned a spot in the Guinness World Records thanks to his unique ring.

Dubbed “The Marigold: The Ring of Prosperity,” Bansal’s ring is made up of 12,638 tiny diamonds. The previous Guinness record for most diamonds set in one ring was 7,801 gems.

The Marigold weighs 5.8 ounces and features a massive floral design. Each petal of the ring’s eight-layer flower is completely unique.

video of a woman modeling the ring during Guinness’ induction ceremony showed that the massive, circular flower nearly covered her entire hand.

Bansal came up with the idea for the ring two years ago during his study of jewelry design in Surat, the hub of India’s diamond industry. The diamond ring was made in collaboration with his employer, Renani Jewels.

“It’s wearable and comfortable. My target was always more than 10,000 diamonds. I trashed many designs and concepts over the years to finally zero in on this,” Bansal, who’s 25 years old, told NDTV News

While there are many prospective buyers, Bansal insisted it’s not for sale — at least at the moment.

“We have no plans of selling it right now,” Bansal told NDTV News. “It’s a matter of pride for us. It’s priceless.”

India is the largest cutting and polishing center of diamonds in the world. The country exports 75 percent of the world’s polished diamonds and the industry is heavily supported by India’s government.

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