3D printed steak creates a delicious meal without killing an animal

There’s nothing like a nice juicy piece of steak, but the environmental problems of mass meat production have been well documented. Thankfully, Israeli startup Aleph Farms is serving up a new innovative way to produce real, delicious meat without harming the environment. 

The food-tech company, in partnership with The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, cultivated a ribeye steak using proprietary 3D printing technology. The process creates steaks that look and taste just like the real thing, without the need for slaughtering any live animals, and without using any genetic engineering.  

When most people think of 3D printing, they think of plastic toys or sculptures. But the scientists at Aleph Farms are beefing up our perception of what 3D printing can do. 

Aleph Farms used a 3D bioprinting technology, which prints actual cow cells, that are then incubated and grown into the size and texture of real steak. The result, according to Aleph Farms, is a steak that has similar muscle and fat content to real steak, with the same delicious, meaty attributes. The company claims that with their new technology, they have the capability to produce any type of steak.

In 2018, Aleph Farms released a thinner slice of steak that didn’t use the 3D bioprinting technology. While a scientific breakthrough in its own right, the thinner cut didn’t satisfy hardcore carnivores, who crave bigger, juicer steaks. By creating the groundbreaking ribeye steak, Aleph Farms is looking to expand their product line to satisfy everyone. 

“This accomplishment represents our commitment to meeting our customer’s unique taste buds” said Aleph Farms CEO Didier Toubia. “We will continue to progressively diversify our offerings.” 

With 3D bioprinting technology, this ribeye could just be the first course. Aleph Farms hopes this technology will shape the future of the meat industry, providing a highly sustainable, and highly delicious, option for meat production.  “As we look into the future of bioprinting, the options are endless,” said Toubia. If all the options look this delicious, it shouldn’t be too hard to get customers on board.

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