World’s greatest friend removes drunk BFF’s makeup when she falls asleep: ‘You’re so real for this’

Certain things make you a good friend, and others make you a great friend. But one TikToker is currently proving that she’s in an elite class of her own after removing the makeup of her sleeping friend when they returned home from a night of drinking.

“My friend and I are both drunk as f***, but I know that she’s going to regret sleeping in her makeup,” says Awa (@_awasanneh) at the start of the clip. “So I’m gonna wipe it off for her. Hopefully, the b**** doesn’t wake up, because this will be awkward.”

Grabbing some micellar water and a makeup wipe, Awa tiptoes over to her drunk friend, who is audibly snoring on the couch.

“We’re in this b****! Let’s go!” she whispers to the camera before gently wiping the makeup off her friend’s face.

Incredibly, she manages to do so without ever waking her friend. But perhaps even more impressive is that she wipes her friend’s makeup clean with just one hand while filming the entire experience with the other.

When she’s done, Awa gives a thumbs up to the camera and whispers, “Low key, get you an Awa. Everyone needs an Awa.”

You can say that again.

The TikTok has more than 3 million views.

“You’re so real for this babe,” one person wrote in the comments.

“Only tru friends,” said another.

Someone else told Awa she was “the sweetest person on the face of this planet” for looking out for her friend that way.

Others shared similar experiences of their own.

“one time my friend woke up while i wiped her face and all i could say was ‘shh’ and she slept,” one TikToker recalled.

But at least one person joked that if they ever found themselves in this same situation, it probably wouldn’t go over as well.

“my bsfs a trad goth,” one commenter shared. “it would take me 2 hours to get their fill face off and theyve slept in their whole makeup before.”

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