Home chef stuns TikTok with video of ‘impressing’ cupcake-making disaster

The competition for worst cooking fail ever just got a little fiercer.

A home chef is going viral on TikTok after sharing her “impressive” baking mishap. The cooking fail — which is now the subject of a video with nearly 4 million views — started with a box of store-bought cupcakes.

Somehow, user @beccaonthefritzzz turned that box of cupcakes into a boiling, liquidated mess.

“I can’t begin to guess what went wrong here,” the TikToker says in their clip.


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In the video, @beccaonthefritzzz shows the view inside their oven, where the cupcake batter is literally bubbling. Meanwhile, the pan is coated in a colorful, sugary crust. Needless to say, commenters had plenty of questions.

“I need to understand what happened,” one user wrote.

“Why is it bubbling?” another asked.

“How is that even possible?” another pressed.

For their part, @beccaonthefritzzz totally owned the mistake. The TikToker even shared a follow-up video, during which they offered a few theories as to what went wrong. 


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“Truth is, I have no idea what happened,” @beccaonthefritzzz says at the start of their clip.

The TikToker follows that up by saying that, while they are an avid baker, mistakes like this are extremely common in their kitchen. Additionally, they admitted to doing a bit of freelancing with the recipe listed on the box.

“There is a possibility I decided to add my own flair to it,” they added.

What’s more, @beccaonthefritzzz claims that they might have confused baking powder for baking soda, a very understandable error (or at least, this writer hopes so) that can lead to some major kitchen havoc. Still, some commenters thought there had to be more going on.

“It’s called baking powder not gun powder,” one user joked.

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