College student earns praise for list of ‘worst’ part-time jobs

What’s the worst part-time job you’ve ever had?

Most people have at least some horror story. Often, it’s an experience from their teens or early 20s, when the easiest gigs to find might include delivering pizzas or bagging groceries.

TikTok user @haleyjsteiner has had plenty of those jobs. The college student is now going viral for a series of videos ranking the best — and worst — places she’s allegedly worked as a young adult.

The TikToker has shared three videos so far, during which she details her alleged experiences at American Eagle, Hobby Lobby and Chuck E. Cheese. So far, her “worst” alleged job seems to be at American Eagle.

In the viral video describing her time at the retail store, @haleyjsteiner claims she “doesn’t have a very good thing to say about the place” — besides its employee discount.

The college student described her alleged time at American Eagle as “so boring,” saying that she did almost nothing except fold clothes. She also claims that her managers would get angry at her if she couldn’t convince customers to sign up for an American Eagle credit card.


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In the video, @haleyjsteiner also complains about allegedly working short shifts, which, she claimed, resulted in her bringing home less than $200 each paycheck.

It’s worth noting that @haleyjsteiner was just a part-time employee, and seemingly balancing the job with her classes. Still, some alleged former American Eagle employees seemed to share her feelings.

“I haven’t seen anyone have as bad of an experience as me, so thank you for this,” one user wrote.

“I could make a whole extra video about the management,” another claimed.

“I hated this job,” another wrote.

During @haleyjsteiner’s other clips, she gave her former jobs much higher marks. In one video, the TikToker rates her time allegedly working as a cashier at Chuck E. Cheese.

She gave the experience a “7/10,” claiming it was a good job where she got to eat candy throughout her shift. The only downside? Occasionally wearing a mouse costume to entertain the kids.


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