Worst dog breeds to adopt, according to a professional dog trainer

To say that Same Hoke (@dogtrainerofficial) knows a lot about dogs is truly an understatement. After years of working with hundreds of breeds during his career as a professional dog trainer, Hoke has become something of an expert when it comes to their behavior and temperament.

So, when he recently shared the top dog breeds he would never own himself, TikTok listened in closely. And what he had to say wound up surprising a lot of people.

Believe it or not, Hoke didn’t mention pit bulls, Rottweilers or Dalmatians anywhere in his video, even though they tend to have some of the worst reputations out there.

Instead, he just had one word to say — doodles.

Goldendoodles, Sheepadoodles, Bernedoodles — no matter the mix, Hoke says that doodle breeds are the number one breed of dog he’ll never have as a pet.


The amount of untrained doodles in LA should terrify you #dogtrainer #dogtraining #doodle #poodle #husky #shiba

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“The amount of untrained doodles in LA should terrify you,” Hoke wrote in his post caption.

The video racked up hundreds of thousands of views with mixed reactions.

Some people with doodles jumped in to defend the sweet pups.

“my doodle is beyond the most perfect calm obedient and intelligent dog I’ve ever owned,” one person wrote.

“I just rescued my golden doodle,” another added. “I couldn’t help it. They said she going to the pound so I had too.”

“I have 2 golden doodles,” shared someone else. “Both were very easy to train. They are very smart dogs. I’d say it’s more lazy people than the dog.”

Even fellow dog trainers had something to say.

“As someone who trains predominantly doodles, we love them! Send them our way!” wrote one commenter.

After receiving a fair amount of pushback, Hoke did jump into the comments to explain himself.

“Just to clarify, doodles are incredibly smart, lovable, and trainable,” he wrote. “I’m just surrounded by untrained ones 24/7 lol.”

But at the same time, there were plenty of others who agreed with Hoke’s hot take.

“as someone who works in vet, I 100% agree with u,” one TikToker shared.

“i work at a dog daycare,” said another person, who claimed “its ALWAYS the doodles” who are misbehaving.

Another person said it’s not just an L.A. thing.

“Doodles are so overrated and I’m OVER IT,” they angrily declared.

“They’re also not well bred,” another person claimed. “Just a get a well bred poodle with a predictable temperament.”

Many others noted that the breed itself has become way too popular for all the wrong reasons.

“all the IT people at my work have doodles…SO MANY DOODLES,” one person shared.

“doodles aren’t even a breed but yea, they’re always the ones who are never trained,” added someone else, who accused owners of buying them simply for the “aesthetic.”

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