YouTuber asks ‘worst-reviewed’ makeup artist to do her makeup: ‘This is out of control’

A makeup artist did an awful job on a client, and the hilarious results went viral on TikTok

The account @randomscreenrecordeds uploads truncated YouTube videos onto TikTok. One of the clips, entitled “I Asked The Worst Reviewed Makeup Artist To Do My Makeup,” racked up 15.1 million views. In the video, originally by Meet The Vloggers, YouTuber Yasmin went to the lowest-rated makeup artist in her city to get a glam makeover. The makeup artist proceeded to not only do a poor job but also make some very questionable hygiene choices.  

The makeup artist applied foundation onto Yasmin very roughly with her bare fingertips and the sides of her palms. Flies lingered around the products at the salon, and one even landed on Yasmin’s head. Things took another turn when the makeup artist began to apply the eye shadow. Her work looked nothing like the inspiration photo that Yasmin had showed her, and the makeup itself was dry, chalky and difficult to apply. It practically crumbled off her skin. 

The finished look resembled something a total beginner or even a child might do. 

“I want to die. I literally want to die,” the woman joked as she left the salon. “This is so bad. I actually have to cover my face. There’s so many people [outside]. I just don’t even know what my life is right now.” 

The hilarious video left TikTokers stunned. People were perplexed by what they had just witnessed. 

“I’m dying at the fly scenes,” one person said

“Why did she put the eye shadow literally on your eyebrow?” someone asked

“This is out of control,” another commented

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