Mom reveals reasoning behind her regrettable tattoo decision

A new TikTok trend has users sharing some of their worst tattoos ever.

Sharing tattoo mix-ups, mistakes and typos is nothing new on the app. In the past, users have shown off their Spongebob tattoos, their avocado-themed tattoo ideas and their tattoos that have aged extremely poorly thanks to the pandemic.

The latest trend, a twist on the bad tattoo phenomenon, asks users to share their “most meaningless” ink. One TikToker, a mom with the username @th3victorygarden, immediately went viral for her contribution.

“My son’s friend drew this,” the mom said of her bicep tattoo. “I thought my son drew this.”


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The artwork appears to show some sort of large-mouthed creature standing next to a palm tree. Apparently, @th3victorygarden discovered the crayon drawing and believed it would be a sweet tattoo idea. As it turns out, the drawing was actually by her son’s 6-year-old friend Kevin.

As @th3victorygarden explained the comments of a follow-up video, it was a long time before she learned of her mistake.

“My son broke the news at the dinner table years later,” she wrote.

The mom also added that she never told Kevin’s parents about the mix-up.

“Oh my God I’m so sorry that’s so unfortunate,” one user replied.

Based on her willingness to share the story, it seems as though @th3victorygarden has kept a good sense of humor about the whole thing. Her commenters, for their part, were adamant that the tattoo isn’t really as bad as it seems.

“OK but it’s dope,” one user wrote.

“But that’s somehow a better story than your son drawing it,” another added.

“That kid has some serious art skill though,” another wrote.

“It’s the thought that counts,” yet another added.

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