Sit back, relax and watch this TikToker read horrible Tinder bios

It’s a thought almost anyone who’s spent time on a dating app has had before: “Why would you put that in your bio?”

TikTok user claramelapple has earned millions of likes addressing that same question. The 19-year-old has shared more than 50 videos in which she reads “horrible,” “demanding” and “oddly specific” bios from the dating app Tinder.

The TikToker, who goes by Clara on the app, almost exclusively reads bios of male users. For example, one of her more popular videos features the description of a user named “Andruu.”

“Most of you girls are losers,” Andruu’s bio reads. “This man is giving you an opportunity to snap out of it.”

The 31-year-old goes on to write that he’s not looking for “know-it-all loudmouths” and that anyone he matches with “must be hot.”


First to guess the state in the comments wins (ty @emmahamlyn4 for the screenshots) ##GreenScreenTile ##DogPerson ##tinder ##feminism

♬ som original – Clara

It’s easy to see why Clara’s videos have gained so much attention. For one, the bios she reads are rude, usually sexist and often jaw-droppingly audacious.

Then, there’s Clara’s delivery. The teenager reads each bio with a sense of tone and attitude, with her voice sometimes even taking on a poetic quality — if the description calls for it.


Ah how nice (ty @uglyatheist) for sending ##greenscreen ##fyp ##TikTokFashionMonth ##AdultMoney

♬ som original – Clara

TikTokers typically swarm to the comments of Clara’s videos, some of which have more than 1 million views. Sometimes, users can’t help but share their shock.

“Seriously where do they get the audacity from,” a user commented on one of her clips.

“THESE ARE SO SCARY,” another wrote.

“Hope he stays single forever,” another added.

“Where do men get this confidence?” another asked.

Each of Clara’s videos end with a “reveal,” in which she shows the photo of the man whose bio she’s been reading. Oftentimes, TikTokers try to guess the man’s age — or his location — in advance.

If you’re really tired of dating apps, it’s not a bad idea for a trivia game.


My roommate wanted clout (ty ig/georgiareesss for sending this) ##PerfectAsIAm ##PopcornDuet ##SuperlativeSmiles ##HikingSzn ##stepintolove ##fyp ##feminism

♬ som original – Clara

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