Where does the ‘Wow, crazy, you crazy girl’ TikTok audio come from?

Women are roasting their basic habits and embracing the hilarious “Wow, crazy, you crazy girl” TikTok trend. 

It’s not uncommon for us to speak with hyperbole when we’re describing our mundane actions. We might dub ourselves “crazy” for buying too many knick-knacks at Target or say we “went off” on someone when we were just short of polite to kick up our personal anecdotes a notch. Here’s why the viral “crazy girl” sound perfectly captures these dramatically banal moments. 

Where is the “Wow, crazy, you crazy girl” TikTok audio from? 

The original video is by creator Maggie Stetson. She stitched a video of user @nicoleelizabetha saying, as if she were going to do something outrageous, “I might regret doing this but I’m gonna try dipping my chicken burrito in the nacho cheese from my nacho fries.”

Stetson replied in a funny deadpan voice, “Wow, crazy, you crazy girl.” 

The video received 34.9 million views. Now people are using the sound to highlight moments when people overhype their fairly basic behavior. 


It’s actually super cute, she’s putting in maximum effort 🥺❤️ #momsoftiktok #sahm #toddlermom #momlife

♬ original sound – Maggie Stetson

“After my daughter asks me to watch her open and close a Tupperware container for the 78th time,” @shannbailee said in a caption

“When I leave my house in jeans rather than leggings,” @herlatestlove wrote in a caption

“Me almost thirty deciding to stay up until 1 a.m. watching CSI,” @mysticolebeing said in a video

“When you thought he wanted to date you because he told you he wanted to date you,” @mmelvin92 said, drinking a glass of wine. 

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