TikTok trend exposes the lazy ways men often write about women

Women on TikTok are highlighting the cliches men use to write female characters. 

Whether it’s a screenplay or a novel, male writers tend to describe women in overtly sexualized or downright nonsensical ways. There’s even an entire Reddit forum dedicated to how poorly men write women. Now, women on TikTok are, once again, underscoring the female tropes and stereotypes in male writing. 

TikTokers wonder if they were written by a man or a woman

In one TikTok trend, women silently pose for the camera as they ask if they were written by a man or woman. 

In another form of the meme, the posters embody the female stereotypes themselves. 

In a video from @tabeabussmannphotography, she takes the POV of “a girl after a perfect date written by a man.” She giddily smells his jacket, eats from a carton of ice cream and drafts several messages to him. 

“I’m a girl written by a man and I’m sad,” @lina.l1n4/vide said while eating a tub of ice cream.

“I’m a woman written by a man having breakfast,” @zhannared said. 

She danced around the kitchen mixing pancake batter, used the whisk as a microphone and flipped her hair around. 

“I’m a girl who becomes a feminist written by a man,” @juliamusic.off wrote in a caption. She ditched her pink clothes for black ones and put on dark eyeliner and lipstick. 

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