Traveler crashes at stranger’s empty house, mistaking it for his Airbnb

A tourist made a big mistake when he slept in a stranger’s home, believing it was his Airbnb. 

Paul Drecksler was visiting South Florida to officiate a friend’s wedding. He arrived at what he thought was his Airbnb at around 2:00 a.m. But here’s the kicker: He was only able to enter the home by following the instructions from his Airbnb host. When he got inside the home, it looked as though it was made up for a guest. 

“In the bedroom, the bed was made and ready to go, and there were two clean folded towels waiting for me,” Drecksler told WSVN.

Drecksler went to bed, but when he woke up, there was someone knocking at the door. 

“I was surprised the guy even knocked on his own door. He goes, ‘Hey, can I help you? This is my house,’ and I’m like, ‘Um, no, this is an Airbnb that I rented.’ He goes, ‘No, this is my house,’” Drecksler told WSVN

The homeowner was understanding and escorted Drecksler off the property. 

“I had accidentally got the address wrong going from the Airbnb app into the Google maps; the address became the house right next door,” Drecksler told WSVN

He said in hindsight, there were a lot of clues that indicated it was the wrong house, but he was just too tired to realize it. 

“This is the best possible outcome of breaking into someone’s home and spending the night in their bed,” Drecksler told WSVN

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