Mom realizes she’s been celebrating son’s birthday on the wrong date for years

A mom roasted herself after celebrating her son’s birthday on the wrong date for years.

TikTok mom Emily Vondy faced a hilarious reckoning. To settle an issue with an insurance company, the mother discovered she had been making a terrible mistake. For some reason, she thought her son’s birthday was a day later than it actually is. But that wasn’t even the worst part.

“I just got off the phone with my pediatrician. She’s trying to bill our last visit to our insurance company,” Vondy said. “Per my words, my son’s birthday is the 26th. I’m his mother; I know his birthday. The insurance company says, ‘No, his birthday is on the 25th.'” 

The pediatrician had called Vondy to set the record straight on the correct date. But Vondy was convinced she had it right. She was going to contact her insurance company and give them a piece of her mind. However, before she did that, she went on Facebook to check her birth announcement, just to be sure. 

“His birthday is indeed the 25th,” she explained. “For two years, I’ve been celebrating his birthday on the 26th. Now I have to call my pediatrician back and say, ‘Haha, you know what? I had my kid’s birthday wrong.'” 

The mother said the worst part is that it’s her middle child, typically the child that feels the most ignored. 

“I have a mommy date with my middle child today,” Vondy said. “I love my kids, OK! They may not have their birthday celebration on the correct day, but they celebrate it the next.” 

The hilarious revelation earned 3.8 million views on TikTok. People could relate to the parent’s little mental hiccup. 

“As a middle child, I’m questioning everything I know about my birthday,” a user wrote

“I spelled my own name wrong on my child’s birth certificate,” another commented

“My dad introduced me at a wedding as ‘Ellen.’ My name is Annie. I was 19,” someone shared

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