What is the ‘WTF was that?’ song all over TikTok?

A viral TikTok sound that previously caused controversy is making a comeback. But this time around the trend is a little more wholesome. 

A song called “Who Want Smoke” first caught TikTok’s attention in 2021. High school students turned the track into a challenge where they mimicked gun use resulting in widespread suspensions across the country. But now a remix of the song is making waves again and the surrounding memes are a bit gentler in humor. 

What is the “WTF is that?” song going viral on TikTok? 

The popular song is a remix of “Who Want Smoke” by Florida rapper Nardo Wick. Wick first dropped the track in 2021, sparking dance challenges across TikTok. However, the first time around was a lot more controversial. 

High school students turned the song into the “‘Who Want Smoke’ cellphone gun” challenge. Students would pretend to use their phones as guns and then aim them at the camera. 

There were mass suspensions at Tinley Park High School, outside of Chicago, when students tricked teachers into performing the challenge under the guise of a school spirit video. The teachers had no idea they were being made to look like they were shooting guns

At West Creek High School in Tennessee, a 17-year-old sophomore was suspended for posting the trend which violated the school’s code of conduct.

“Half of our school got suspended because of this TikTok trend that we started and went viral on. Now we have every other school across the country doing it,” @ssmil3yy said back in November 2021. 

Overall, over 50 students across the country were suspended because of the TikTok challenge, according to Complex.

This time around a remix of “Who Want Smoke” is gaining traction on TikTok but it doesn’t suggest gun violence. The remix currently has over 233,000 videos associated with it. 

While the original version is a lot chiller, both versions of the song repeat the phrase, “WTF is that? WTF is that?” 

People are using the Wick song to express feelings of confusion

TikToker @cnuffv used the song when they noticed a student playing an iPad game using their feet under their desk at school. 

“The people down the hall challenged my roommate to an ‘ugly drawings contest,'” @clrnc_s said in a video

“Me when they started adding letters into math,” @cohenmuseee said looking into the camera confused

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