Xbox Series S reportedly has meager storage and fans are divided

Apparently, the Xbox Series S has a meager amount of usable storage, which has left some prospective buyers disappointed.

A Redditor posted a thread about their Xbox Series S, which they acquired a week ahead of the console’s official release. Although Microsoft has confirmed that the Series S will have 512GB of storage space, we didn’t know how much of that space could be used to install games.

Until now. If the original poster is to be believed, it’s confirmed some of the fears surrounding the upcoming console.

“364 gb or games and apps,” they wrote.

That’s … not very much at all. As one replier pointed out, it’s barely enough to fit Call of Duty: Warzone (which is 183GB with its parent game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare).

“Fun fact: That’s 2gb more than OG Xbox One,” another Redditor remarked, pointing out that it’s barely an improvement over the current console generation.

“Thats extremely bad considering digital only,” a third Redditor wrote. “Fine for people with decent internet speeds/no caps but for anyone else that plans to buy a few games, i’d suggest avoiding.”

However, others on Reddit believed the Series S is still a fine choice for the more casually minded gamer — as long as they avoid certain notoriously large titles.

“Reading the comments on this post you would think most people have 30+ games installed at all times,” one Redditor wrote. “360 GB is mediocre, but that’s easily a good 5-7 AAA games installed at a time. Unless you’re playing COD, of course.”

To be fair, Call of Duty is an absolute chonker of a game. But as all video games become more advanced, they’ll continue to swell in size. 364GB is an inadequate amount for a next-gen console like the Series S.

When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X and its little brother, the Xbox Series S, fans were initially elated. At only $300, the Series S appeared to be an affordable entry point into the ninth generation of console gaming.

Most gamers may have to purchase additional storage to get the most of the Series S, which defeats the purpose of the console’s $300 price tag.

Now it seems prospective buyers might be better off paying $500 for the Xbox Series X, which not only has more storage space than the Series S, but also more powerful hardware and an optical drive.

The Xbox Series X/S will both be released on Nov. 10.

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