Woman shares TikTok of her mom’s ‘embarrassing’ holiday shopping mishap

A mom is going viral after mistaking an Xbox Series X fridge for the hard-to-find gaming console she thought she was buying.

The hilarious holiday shopping mishap comes courtesy of a user named Magan Hemp (@maganjade08). While Hemp later said that the video was meant for laughs, it’s also sparking a debate about how products are packaged and marketed.

As Hemp wrote in her caption, her mom believed she’d found an Xbox Series X. The gaming console is in such high demand that websites and social media pages are fully dedicated to sharing updates on where — and when — it will be in stock.

Unfortunately, Hemp’s mom didn’t find one. Instead, she found a refrigerator that looked strangely like a gaming console.

“My mom thought she snagged an Xbox X on Black Friday,” Hemp wrote. “Turns out it was just a mini fridge.”

Hemp shows the fridge, which features the same black coloring and rectangular shape as a real Xbox Series X. It even has the Xbox logo in the same place as the console.

Many TikTok users found the mix-up comedic, but many questioned why the mini fridge looked that way.

“Isn’t that kind of false advertising?” one user asked.

“Why does this even exist?” another asked.

Most commenters were sympathetic to the situation, with some writing that they’d rather have the fridge anyway.

“That’s even better,” one user commented.

“Worth it at least,” another wrote.

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