TikTok is horrified by this surprise Valentine’s Day Xbox makeover

TikTok is horrified by a user’s Xbox “art project” for Valentine’s Day.

The video, uploaded by oatmilkgirl3, shows her painting an Xbox One for what she describes as a surprise Valentine’s Day gift for her boyfriend. 

“Surprising my boyfriend by: Painting his Xbox!!!” she wrote in a caption.


I saw this girl paint her ps5 and I thought it was a cute idea for v-day🥰❤️ #paint #xbox #gamer #surprise #valentinesday

♬ adore you x needy – Jurk

Using what appears to be oil or acrylic paint, she decorates the console with two coats and even painted over the vent grill. After that, Oatmilk3 draws in some stars and clouds as the finishing touches. Viewers were deeply upset by this.

“I died inside when you painted the ventilation system,” a TikTok user replied.

“How to get dumped 101,” another commenter said.

“As a girl who plays on the xbox i’d be mad also,” another TikToker said.

“Normalize NOT ruining our partners property especially when it’s hella expensive,” another viewer advised.

For the uninitiated, this is a very, very bad idea for several reasons. There are very sensitive, expensive parts inside an Xbox One. Any paint that drips onto these parts is sure to brick your console.

But even if the parts are protected, acrylic and oil are both thick paints. Painting over the vent using these materials will clog up the shafts, which means your Xbox One is far more likely to overheat and fry the electronic guts.

And finally, modifying an Xbox against Microsoft’s warnings will completely void your warranty. Once that console eats the dirt (and it will), you’ll be left pocketing the entire cost.

Some viewers suspected that oatmilkgirl3’s art project must be a troll because of how obviously harmful it is. Perhaps the Xbox she was painting over was already defective or busted.

However, she posted up a follow-up video where she powered on the painted Xbox, proving it actually works.


Reply to @mapieface how🤡 #xbox #PupPeroniShuffle #art #xboxcustompainted

♬ original sound – hayley

If you get to itch to decorate your consoles with a little personal flair, you can safely spray paint your controllers with little risk and a whole lot more swag. Please don’t do this to the console itself, especially if it doesn’t belong to you.

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