Xtech is protecting young football players from life-altering injuries

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Xtech is providing state-of-the-art sports safety technology to football players all over.

“We knew that we had something better,” Bob Broderick told In The Know. “We knew the design was better, the game was changing, the size of the players were changing, the way tackling was taught had been changed — but for some reason, equipment had not changed.”

“We’ve virtually eliminated quite a few shoulder injuries,” Ted Monica, Vice President of Design, said.

Xtech shoulder pads are described as a combination of material science combined with what the player wants. To Xtech, there was no need to sacrifice comfort and mobility for safety and it was dangerous to keep safety as low of a priority as it has been for years. That’s where the company came up with their motto, “Protection meets performance.”

It was a long road for Broderick and Monica, but the pair knew this was an important piece of equipment and persevered. Now they have four patents on the product.

“No matter how many times you get hit, the foam [lining] will freeze and then soften, over and over again,” Broderick explained. The foam will also stay the same thickness throughout an entire season or training camp, no matter what level you’re playing at. “We know that this is going out there to protect somebody, no matter what level of football.”

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