Yahoo Mobile is the perfect gift for the kids and teens in your life — here’s why

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If there’s one gift category that’s sure to please the teens in your life, it’s tech. And when it comes to gadgets, smartphones are pretty high on the “want” list.

If you have a teen who’s been begging for a smartphone all year, snagging one of the many options available with Yahoo Mobile is your best bet. Also, if they ever act up, you can simply cancel the subscription with no risk of being charged.

Shop: Yahoo Mobile, Starts At $39.99 Per Month

Credit: Yahoo Mobile

Here’s the 411: Yahoo Mobile offers a comprehensive unlimited* data, talk and text plan and, as a standout feature that many love, there are no pesky contracts involved. This means that users can unsubscribe at any time they choose.

So, if the teen you’ve gifted this phone and plan to has been underperforming in class or even if they lost the device, you can simply unsubscribe at no additional charge.

In addition to being contract-free and easy to use, Yahoo Mobile is also said to be an affordable and effective option for all demographics, including seniors and millennials, and is particularly ideal for uncertain times and for those who are afraid of commitment (no contracts or hidden feeds, remember?). If you’re looking to make the switch to a smartphone, Yahoo Mobile is the way to go.

The service covers a slew of phone models and types (including both Apple and Android devices) and features a Bring Your Own Device program, which allows users to score a $100 Mastercard Virtual Account** when signing up. In fact, new subscribers can take advantage of this promotion when they get the new iPhone 12 with Yahoo Mobile.

You can read more about the additional benefits of Yahoo Mobile, like mobile hotspot accessibility for data sharing and the service being built on Verizon’s industry-leading 4G LTE network, here.

Get unlimited data, text and talk with Yahoo Mobile for just $39.99 a month.

*In times of increased network congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic.

**Terms apply to the Mastercard® Virtual Account offer for which you can find more info by following the links.

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