If your kid constantly cracks phone screens, use Yahoo Plus Protect Mobile to save on repairs

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With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the last thing you need is a phone accident. While no one intends to drop their phone multiple times a day, let’s face it — it happens! Add kids into the mix and phones inevitably find themselves on the floor more often than you’d like.

According to an article published in the New York Post, a survey conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of PhoneLoop, found that the average American “drops their phone on the ground four times every week.” The same study found that “over a third of Americans say they actually drop it even more than that.”

The frequency of dropping phones often leads to cracks on front screens. The same study found that nearly two in three Americans (61 percent) “say they’ve cracked their phone screen or worse the very first time they ever dropped it.”

In addition to the standard cracked screen, other software and hardware-related defects can occur after dropping your phone, which are fully out of your control. Those who haven’t planned for these mishaps can wind up spending hundreds of dollars in repairs. 

Providing peace of mind for the inevitable, accidental damage coverage plans have become necessary investments for anyone who’s remotely tech-inclined. That being said, Yahoo Plus Protect Mobile is an affordable option that is also simple to use.

Shop: Yahoo Plus Protect Mobile, $5 Per Month*

Credit: Yahoo
  • Price: $5 a month
  • What you get: One of the most affordable accidental damage coverage plans for front cracked screen repair and post-warranty claims on the market *. Extended warranty** service also covers four defects including touch screen failure, camera failures, headphone jack/audio failure and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi failure. No prior service plan is required.
  • Eligible devices: New or Used
  • Service fee: $49 per claim

In addition to accidental damage coverage, which includes cracked front screens, Yahoo Plus Protect Mobile offers an extended warranty service that covers defects that often occur in smartphones today. Some of these include touch screen failure, camera failure, headphone jack/audio failure and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi failure.

Credit: Yahoo

Utilizing Yahoo Plus Protect Mobile also couldn’t be simpler. After detecting the problem, simply file a claim. After verifying the device’s eligibility, you’ll turn the device in, whether by mail or in person. The only payment you’ll have associated with this step is a $49 service fee. 

After a quick inspection of the device and its damage, the assigned tech will provide services. You will then receive your device back within three to seven business days.

Get cracked screen and extended warranty coverage with Yahoo Plus Protect Mobile for just $5 a month*.

* There is a 30-day waiting period, which begins on the date of your enrollment, before you may file a claim. A service fee of $49 may apply. Cracked screen repair options are presented at the time of claim approval. Not all options may be available.

** If your eligible phone experiences a covered breakdown, we’ll repair or replace it for you. If we determine that we cannot service your phone as specified in this Plan, we may replace it with a replacement product, or we may at our discretion, issue you a gift card or check based on the replacement value, age and condition of the product, as determined by us, immediately prior to the breakdown.

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