Yahoo Plus brings you more of what you love while protecting your life online

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When using any online experience from checking email to simple web browsing, there’s one thing many people wish they could do: customize what they see to fit their needs. With Yahoo Plus, this is made possible with a variety of subscriptions that bring you more of what you love.

The Yahoo Plus experience celebrates your passions and helps protect your life online, simultaneously. Yahoo Plus features a set of upgrades and services that give you choices that meet your interests.

Created with you in mind, Yahoo Plus subscriptions each take your Yahoo experience to the next level. The four subscription services are:

  • Yahoo Plus Mail
  • Yahoo Plus FInance
  • Yahoo Plus Protect (including Mobile and Home)
  • Yahoo Plus Fantasy

As an added perk with these services, you can enjoy limited ads everywhere on Yahoo and get deep discounts on multiple purchases from the Yahoo Plus family and premium support for each service.

Check out a brief breakdown of each service below.

Shop: Yahoo Plus Mail, $5 Per Month

Credit: Yahoo

If you currently love the organization you get from Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Plus Mail gives you even greater control of your inbox while allowing you to customize your Mail experience from start to finish.

Shop: Yahoo Plus Finance

Credit: Yahoo

If you love the financial confidence and transparency you get from Yahoo Finance, you’ll be even more impressed with the amplified features of Yahoo Plus Finance. This service includes advanced portfolio tools, investment research and more, right at your fingertips.

Shop: Yahoo Plus Protect Mobile, $5 Per Month*

Credit: Yahoo

If you love the digital experiences you get on Yahoo and could use a reliable and easy-to-navigate mobile device protection and support plan, Yahoo Plus Protect Mobile is perfect for you. From easy cracked phone screen repair to 24/7 US-based support, this service comes in handy when you need it most.

Shop: Yahoo Plus Protect Home, $15 A Month*

Credit: Yahoo

In the event that your home devices need technical support as well, Yahoo Plus Protect Home provides just what you need. Complete with support for any kind for TV, tablet, laptop and more, this service gives you peace of mind like no other.

Shop: Yahoo Plus Fantasy, $8 Per Year

Credit: Yahoo

Lastly, if you enjoy the fandom on Yahoo Fantasy, Yahoo Plus Fantasy gives you even more in one exciting package. Get more from this playful and innovative fan-to-fan sports platform that amplifies the collective experience of sports.

Check out all that Yahoo Plus has to offer here.

* There is a 30-day waiting period, which begins on the date of your enrollment, before you may file a claim. A service fee of $49 may apply. Cracked screen repair options are presented at the time of claim approval. Not all options may be available.

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