What does yawawe mean? If you hear it, that’s a bad sign

If someone shouts “yawawe” at you, you might have just gotten pranked. 

TikTokers are using the hashtag #yawawe, but it’s not always exactly clear what it means (if it means anything at all.) Here’s what you need to know. 

What does #yawawe mean on TikTok? 

The hashtag #yawawe has 98.3 million views, and you can thank influencer Vincent Gao for that. 

While the term “yawawe” actually means weak and fragile in Japanese, Gao doesn’t use it that way. The prankster with 2.3 million TikTok followers says it’s a movement. In reality, it’s something he shouts or says when he is playing a trick on someone. 

Like in this video where he messed with a stranger’s hat at the beach and yelled “Yawawe!”

“You wanna fight?” Gao said, but when the man and his friend chased him, he backtracked. 

“No, I said Yawawe. Yawawe is… yeah it was me. Yawawe,” Gao said before running off, tripping and falling. 

Some more examples of #yawawe

When Gao approached a group of men in a parking lot, shouting “yawawe” it surprisingly went over well. They asked what it meant, then Gao in typical fashion flipped one of their hats off. The guys chased him, but when he yelled “yawawe” they started chanting it with him. 

He asked a woman at the mall to read a text from a friend on his phone

“It’s Y-A-W-A-W-E,” the woman said. 

“Oh, yawawe!!!” Gao responded to the confused lady. 

Gao earned 11 million views after he threw water on a bunch of girls at the beach. When they confronted him, he gleefully declared “yawawe” and ran away. 

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