TikTok says this gadget can turn fruit into ‘ice cream’ — so we tried it ourselves

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Can the Yonanas soft serve maker turn “anything” into ice cream?

After a few minutes of scrolling through TikTok, you might start to get that impression. In countless videos on the app, you’ll find users swearing by the popular gadget — calling it “crazy” and “so good you have to try it.”

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Credit: Yonanas

The Yonanas ice cream machine is actually more simple than it seems. Basically, the gadget compresses frozen fruit— plus a few optional add-ons, like peanut butter — and crushes it into a smooth, tasty texture. Every recipe uses frozen bananas as a base, plus whatever flavors you want in there.

But how well does it actually work? And is there any possible way that Yonanas can beat real-life ice cream? To find out, we put this gadget through the gauntlet with a five-recipe taste test.

To see it did, watch the video above, or keep reading below.

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Testing the Yonanas soft serve maker with five recipes

We wanted to see just how much this machine could do, so we gave it a little challenge. Note: All of these recipes feature between a half to a whole sliced, frozen banana, unless stated otherwise.

  1. Strawberry sorbet: We made this by simply tossing some frozen strawberries into our mix. Within seconds, we had a beautiful, tasty pinkish mix coming out. This was an easy win for Yonanas.
  2. Mango sorbet: This was equally easy — albeit a little less tasty. The Yonanas gadget crushed out frozen mango immediately, but we had to top the end product with some sprinkles for sweetness. Still, another score for our gadget.
  3. Pineapple Dole Whip: For those who don’t religiously keep up with Disney World foods, Dole Whip is a famous, pineapple-themed frozen treat available at plenty of Disney parks. To recreate it, we made pineapple Yonanas soft serve and topped it off with whipped cream and sprinkles. Somehow, this looked just about as good as the real thing — and it tasted great, too.
  4. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip: Getting a little crazier, we mixed an extra serving of bananas with a few tablespoons of peanut butter, then topped the whole thing with chocolate chips. Despite the texture of the peanut butter, the Yonanas gadget handled things without a hitch. This recipe came out just as yummy as store-bought ice cream.
  5. Avocado … ice cream (?): This was, suffice it to say, a bad idea. We left out bananas here, thinking it would change the flavor too much — and that was our first mistake. The final mix was mushy, green and gross. It’d be a crime to call this ice cream.

So, is the Yonanas soft serve maker worth buying?

Ultimately, Yonanas worked amazingly, surviving four out of our five recipes (and to be fair, that last one was pretty out there). Our soft serve looked good, tasted great and, crucially, was more healthy than ice cream you’d buy at the grocery store. This is literally just fruit, people!

Our only knock: convenience. It’s easy to use the Yonanas gadget, but it does take a lot of fruit to make a decent-sized bowl of “ice cream.” That said, if you’ve got a sweet tooth and some patience, this is definitely worth a buy.

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