What is the ‘You are like papa’ trend on TikTok?

Stranger Things fans have taken dialogue from the show to a whole new level with the “You are like papa” trend. 

The phrase is from season two, episode five of the hit Netflix series. When young Eleven was under Hopper’s care, she broke his rules prompting him to ground her and take her Eggo waffles away along with the TV. During the heated moment, they shared an exchange that has since gone viral after being uploaded by @mediaclipped on TikTok

“You’ve got to understand that there are consequences to your actions,” Hopper told her. To which she replied, “You are like papa!” Hopper responded, “Really?” 

TikToker @edenkyonas used the soundbite from the scene to discuss some of the consequences of her own actions. 

“My bank account: just bc TJ Maxx is cheap does not mean you can go there every week,” the caption read as she lip-synced the dialogue. 

The sound has since been used in over 47,000 videos on TikTok. 

“Me pushing my cat off me when he stabs me in the b00b with his nails,” @delayna.k said as she recreated the scene with her kitty. 

“You can’t keep going to bed at 3am then waking up at 2pm,” @alessyafarrugia wrote in a caption


Microsoft Teams is my saving grace

♬ original sound – mediaclipped

TikToker @mikkimoouuuse reminded herself: “You have got to understand your hair will get greasy when you stop washing it every day.” 

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