You can now stay on a remote Swedish island with its own lighthouse

If you’re trying to social distance from, you know, all of society, you might want to vacation at this remote Swedish island with its own lighthouse. 

The island of Hamneskär, off the country’s western coast, is completely isolated but so beautiful. The rocky island was home to only its lighthouse and lodgings for the lighthouse master and his family for almost 110 years. But it has since been restored into Pater Noster, a small luxury hotel with nine units. 

The island itself is deceptively dangerous. Jagged rocks remain hidden beneath the surrounding water’s surface. The hazardous waters are what inspired the lighthouse’s — and now the hotel’s — name. Paternoster is Latin for the Lord’s Prayer, something many scared sailors have recited when reaching Hamneskär’s terrifying waters. Fortunately, the lighthouse, which was built in 1868, was there to guide them toward safety. 

In 2020, Swedish design agency Stylt transformed the lighthouse master’s home into the hotel, a restaurant, a bar and an outdoor cafe. Guests arrive on the island by boat where they can do activities like kayaking, sailing, fishing, scuba diving and meditating. 

“During my 30 years within the hospitality business, I have rarely come across such a unique destination,” Stylt founder, Erik Nissen Johansen told Lonely Planet. “It’s all there, the remote location, the fantastic nature, the extreme weather conditions, the thrilling history — and great hospitality with a dash of roughness and low-key luxury.”

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