Young Nudy’s ‘EA’ is trending again on TikTok

At the start of 2022, TikTokers everywhere gathered their friends for a highly coordinated dance to Young Nudy’s “EA” featuring 21 Savage. Now, at the start of 2023, Young Nudy’s “EA” is trending again — but in a completely different way. 

When Nudy’s song was first trending, it was because of 21 Savage. Users were choreographing their dances to Savage’s verse. The song was released in 2017, but by the time TikTok got a hold of it, Savage was already a bigger star. The imagery in his lyrics made it easy for people to act out in their dances.

Nudy’s song is now back in the ethos, but not because of any of the verses. TikTokers are using the beginning of the song before the words come in. The intro of the song is an instrumental with rapidly repeating drums as the song slowly speeds up to its main tempo. The videos that use this song have the repeating drums that coincide with a CapCut — a video editing software that can be linked to TikTok — edit template.

The first part of the video is either a question or statement that’s been addressed to the user. Once the video gets to the drum part of the song, a picture/video flashes on and off the screen to the drum pattern. It’s then repeated a second time with a different statement, and that’s how it’s done

Right now, the sound — which is credited to has over 96,000 videos attributed to it. 

Users are putting all sorts of things in their videos. Some, like the original video under this sound, put their national flag to use their culture as an explanation. Others use fictional characters to make their video funny.

“I bet you’re really qualified to work in education,” said @mooreteaches to start his video. He then shows a picture of fictional character Ava Coleman from Abbott Elementary (played by Janelle James), who is depicted as an unqualified principal of her school.

TikTok has found a way to squeeze all the juice out of Nudy’s song. Maybe next year, another part of the song will bring it back into TikTok’s rotation. 

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