Young woman slams older brother over his ‘ridiculous’ financial request: ‘Incredibly manipulative’

A young woman believes her brother and sister-in-law (SIL) are trying to manipulate her. 

The 22-year-old went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to see if she was wrong for not wanting her brother and his wife to use her credit card. She is trying to build her credit score, meanwhile, her brother and sister-in-law are in debt because of excessive spending. 

“My credit score is good for someone of my age and circumstance but obviously it’s nothing great in comparison for other stuff,” she explained. “I should point out that at most I only plan on using this card with a total adding up to £100. I’ve stuck to that so far and only actually used it twice with these purchases only adding up to £80 and I paid it off quickly. I do not plan on exceeding my limit any time soon as I’ve heard far too many horror stories of people just using their credit card too much cos it was handy and getting into debt.” 

Her mother overheard her credit card plans then told her brother and sister-in-law. 

“My brother and SIL got wind and asked me if they could use it,” she explained. “They both admitted they had debt spurred on by excessive credit card use and thought that since I basically had nothing owed on mine, it was ‘free money.’ I told them quite politely that I was really uncomfortable with that idea and that I would owe the money and I can’t magic up that kind of money.” 

Things seemed to fizzle out until the pair showed up at her house. 

“They were nice to start with but basically started demanding I let them use the card and they tried to manipulate by mother into guilting me into doing it,” she wrote. “I got really angry and when my brother said I owe it to them because they used to babysit me up until a couple of years ago, I laughed in their faces and walked out. […] The only person on my side is my dad who tells me they’re all trying to take me for a ride and they’re trying to manipulate me cause I’m young and they think I’m vulnerable. My brother, SIL and mum on the other hand think it isn’t a big deal letting someone else use my card.”

Reddit questioned the intentions of the 22-year-old’s family. 

“Your family is being incredibly manipulative,” one user wrote

“Please keep them away from your financial matters. It’s not their business anyway. Except for your dad, rest of them are being ridiculous,” another stated

“You’re being sensible, unfortunately, your family isn’t,” someone commented

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