Your parents probably think they already know what you’re going to do for a living

A recent survey suggests that most parents believe they know what careers their children will end up in after school, SWNS reports.

The poll, which was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of educational game company Osmo, asked 2,000 parents of school-aged children a number of questions that ranged from career aspirations to parenting methods. The study revealed that three out of four parents were confident that they knew what their children would be down the line.

Approximately 35 percent of the respondents believed that their children would end up in a STEM field, while 32 percent felt certain that their offspring would work in a health and wellness profession. Others thought their children would work in the food industry (28 percent), construction business (23 percent) and fashion (23 percent). Just 18 percent anticipated their children having a career in politics.

The survey also shed light on what many parents are doing to ensure that their children’s future is secure. About 74 percent of the respondents admitted that they were pushing their children to develop an interest in subjects areas they felt incompetent in, SWNS notes. A number of parents, for example, felt least comfortable in math (38 percent), tech (36 percent) and science (30 percent) — all three fields that parents most wanted their children to succeed in.

According to the poll, seven out of 10 parents felt their children were better than them at using tech. As a result, 63 percent of respondents overall wanted their children to do well with tech-related skills. A majority of parents (79 percent) were convinced that their children needed to start learning how to code at a young age, even though at least a third of those parents were unsure what coding actually was.

To give their children a head start on their career interests, 53 percent of parents said they were using educational games and shows to teach them.

“Hands-on games help prepare kids for higher-level learning and build confidence around coding,” Osmo CEO Pramod Sharma said. “Through play, kids transform their tablet into a coding adventure, where they connect colorful blocks of code in the physical world to chart their adventure on the screen.”

Interestingly enough, three out of five parents said they did not want their children working in an office all day — an environment many employees in the tech industry often find themselves in.

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