Your real-life ‘twin’ is out there — here’s how to find them

If you have a celebrity doppelgänger or have ever been mistaken for someone else, you know how strangely soothing it is to find another person in this world who has the same face as you. Or maybe you just think it’s a bit creepy.

If your lookalike isn’t famous, it might be hard to find them. Luckily, a TikToker shared a fascinating and easy way to find the regular person who is your secret “twin.”

In the video, user julyekarent explained that if you visit, go to the “images” tab and upload a photo, the website will show you “anyone in the world that looks like you.”

Yandex is a Russian search engine similar to Google. Some commenters recommended turning your browser on incognito mode while searching to maintain your privacy.

The site also seems to save any images you upload, so try to use an image of yourself that already exists online, and don’t search anything that you wouldn’t want on the internet forever. That’s actually a pretty good guideline for any website, for what it’s worth.

Julyekarent shared her example in the video.

Credit: TikTok/julyekarent

Many users said they felt better about themselves after searching for their lookalikes.

“Omg mine were all models IM SO HAPPY,” one wrote.

“This made me more confident in my appearance,” another said.

Others weren’t as successful.

“I did this and it just showed me people I wish I looked like,” one user said.

“I’m convinced no one looks like me,” another wrote.

“Only shows up with people with similar hairstyle as me in the picture,” a third said.

Of course, we had to try it out ourselves.

I found roughly 50 women who could be my sisters, and to be honest, it has triggered an identity crisis.

Credit: Yandex

This woman looks so much like me, I’m going to ask and see if she’ll sit in for me at work sometime.

Credit: Kelsey Weekman and

I’m not sure that I could tell my coworker Alex, who I have known for nearly five years, apart from her doppelgänger if I ever saw them together.

Credit: Alex Lasker and

On the other hand, my coworker Dillon wasn’t exactly thrilled with his results.

Credit: Twitter/CoryBoland and Dillon Thompson

We’d recommend giving this a shot — if nothing else, it was an entertaining way to spend at least five minutes.

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