TikTok users brought back Bratz to compare their lives to video games

An old Bratz commercial has TikTokers thinking life is actually like a video game. 

Bratz dolls were popular during the early 2000s. The toys always celebrated the fashion trends and pop culture of the time making them ultra-hip. It’s no wonder the dolls are making a comeback in Gen Z’s Y2K revival. Now a TikTok trend has people referencing a throwback Bratz commercial to compare their lives to video games

Bratz app commercial sparks new TikTok trend

“You’re gonna love this game,” the Bratz doll Jade said in the ad posted by @dollsandbarbies3. The commercial was to promote an old Bratz app. 

Bratz dolls first launched in 2001 featuring four characters Yasmin, Cloe, Jade and Sasha. The dolls were known for their full lips, large almond-shaped eyes and trendy styles. 

In recent years, young people, like YouTuber Steal The Spotlight have started taking their fashion cues from Bratz dolls. It seems that Gen Z has embraced early 2000s trends in everything from fashion to music. The Bratz TikTok even has over 201,000 followers.

New Bratz TikTok trend has people treating their jobs like video games 

“Just moved into college now I get to play interior decorator simulator for the next eight hours,” @toxicthotsyndrome wrote in the caption

She then unpacked her bags and settled into her new college dorm at Harvard. 

“Me clocking in to play a TikTok airplane for nine hours so people buy more flights,” the airline @ryanair said in the video caption

“Me completing any regular task then all of a sudden being in a 20-year-old girl simulator, 3D, first-person-view-mode virtual reality,” another user said of her experience with depersonalization, a psychological state where you feel like you’re having an out-of-body experience. 

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