This ‘Big Mouth’ writer is our new must-follow

She’s funny. She’s real. She went to med school. (Don’t fact-check that last one.)

Okay, Sabrina Jalees can’t actually perform your annual check-up, but thanks to her new role on CBS’ “Carol’s Second Act,” she’s no stranger to scrubs — and that’s good enough for at least a few family members.

“I play a doctor! I play a doctor on TV now,” Jalees exclaimed during a recent convo with In The Know. “Every immigrant family wants their kid to be a doctor. I did it better. I became a doctor with zero student debt.”

Earlier in Jalees’ career, she said, “my relatives were like, ‘What are you doing? Gay? Hollywood?!‘”

“They’re now like, ‘That’s my niece!'” the star added.

Jalees sat down with ITK at the 2020 MAKERS Conference, where women from all industries gathered to discuss systemic gender-related issues — many of which have affected Jalees through the years, both personally and professionally.

“When I started doing stand-up, it was sort of a reaction to Islamophobia,” Jalees, who was raised Muslim, said. “And when I realized I was gay, that was a huge gut-punch for me because I felt like, ‘Oh well, there’s another thing that’s going to take me out of the running.‘”

And yet: Here she is.

In addition to her role in “Carol’s Second Act,” Jalees wrote for the upcoming season of “Big Mouth,” one of Netflix’s most popular animated series to date. She and her wife also share the cutest kid you’ll see on Instagram today.

“I am a mommy-daddy style parent to my son, Wolfie. I’m an actor. I’m a writer. I’m a stand-up comic,” Jalees said, quipping, “I’m a lover, I’m a fighter, baby.”

See more of Jalees in the video above.

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