Here are YouTube’s 10 biggest breakout stars of 2020

YouTube just dropped some of its 2020 lists including its top creators and top trending Videos. One list that’s standing out above the rest, though, is its list of top breakout creators.

The list featured a wide range of content categories, including gaming, workouts and skincare. 

In a statement to In The Know, YouTube highlighted that many of its breakout stars were highly responsive to the new living conditions created by the lockdown. Growing trends tended to correlate with people’s at-home interests during the pandemic. 

10. @Hyram

If beauty was your coping mechanism during quarantine, you probably consulted with skincare specialist Hyram Yarbo’s channel to get the scoop on the latest products.

9. @SomeGoodNews 

The Office alum John Krasinski launched this positive news channel during the pandemic to remind YouTubers that good things still happen.

8. @Corpse Husband

For the spooky-inclined, Corpse Husband is a YouTuber dedicated to telling scary stories that might possibly be true.

7. @Dixie D’Amelio

The TikTok-famous singer was able to also build a massive following on YouTube in 2020.

6. @GeorgeNotFound

Minecraft fans found refuge in GeorgeNotFound’s gaming channel in 2020. 

5. @Charli D’Amelio

Charli D’Amelio, the first TikToker with 100 million followers saw success on YouTube with her big sister Dixie. 

4. @EddieVR 

Eddie let his fans watch him play VR video games for fun. “Really, that’s literally the whole channel,” he insisted.

3. @Chloe Ting

If you got serious about working out at home, then you probably came across Chloe Ting’s intense fitness videosThe fitness instructor has amassed a sort of cult-like following, likely due to some major transformations from her fans.

2. @Tiko 

Fortnite gamer Tiko gave YouTubers laughs, music and lots of fish

1. @Dream

Dream turned Minecraft speedruns into intense online events. The grand finale to Dream’s Minecraft speedrun, where he tried to beat the game as three friends thwarted him, amassed a whopping 51 million views in three months this year.

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