YouTuber Ashley Alexander found confidence in recording her everyday life

Ashley Alexander was around 10 or 11 years old when she first discovered YouTube. She was drawn to the platform after watching beauty YouTubers and had considered joining herself, but didn’t find the courage until her freshman year of college.

Now Alexander has over 877,000 subscribers, 404,000 followers on Instagram and a relatively new podcast on Spotify.

“I think the main change from my first video until now has just been how much my confidence has grown,” Alexander told In The Know.

Alexander’s channel, ur mom ashley, mostly consists of vlogs, shopping hauls and challenges. Alexander prides herself on having a very diverse style of video — anything you could be searching for on YouTube from a beauty tutorial to a recipe, she has made a video for.

“That’s the fun thing about YouTube, you can really do whatever you want,” she said.

Another perk of YouTube is Alexander’s closer relationship to her siblings. She features them in a lot of her videos and says their collaborations give them a reason to hang out together and do fun things.

“I feel like when all three of us are together, that’s when we’re the best,” she explained.

YouTube has also inspired Alexander to learn more about herself. She’s half white and half Korean, and grew up feeling pretty disconnected from Korean culture. YouTube opened up opportunities for her to explore that side — much to the delight of fans who are in similar situations.

“When I was younger, I didn’t see that many Asian or Asian American YouTubers that I could connect with. I think something that’s very important to me is that I’m connecting with younger Asian girls that, I guess, sort of look up to me as a role model,” Alexander said. “But I also think it’s pretty cool to give them some representation.”

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