YouTuber builds pond for abandoned baby crocodiles

Primitive Evolution is a YouTube channel devoted to ancient survivalist building methods. While the vlogger doesn’t reveal his location, he lives in a “faraway jungle” often in ornate dwellings of his own making. Stone, bamboo, clay and vines are some of the natural materials used to create castlesswimming pools and homes for abandoned stray animals

In fact, much of the channel is devoted to homes for dogs, cats, ducks, rabbits and other vulnerable critters found in the jungle. But perhaps, one of Primitive Evolution’s most unexpected creations is a pond for newborn crocodiles

“25 newborn crocodiles found at a dry lake nearby. It’s super dried up there and no forest around. I do believe they’re just newly hatched,” the caption states

The builder starts by digging a massive hole in the ground. Then he carves a giant sculpture of a crocodile inside the hole and one on the wall. Next, he digs a staircase leading to the bottom of the pond. Using a mud mixture, he begins adding more details to the crocodile sculpture, like scales. He also coats the floor of the pond with the mixture and smooths it out. The vlogger then adds grass and brown sand around the perimeter of the pond. Finally, he adds buckets of water to top it all off. 

Sparing no detail, the pond is not just functional, it’s artful. He places the baby crocodiles, only a few inches long each, into the water. The reptiles coo and seem to happily swim inside. Another job well done. 

The impressive video received 3.1 million views on YouTube

“That’s so fantastic!! I love how much you care for the nature around you,” one user commented

“He’s an artist too. Dang how much talent does this guy have?” one person wrote.

“This is what you call creativity,” another added.

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