YouTuber crafts mini steam engine boat out of trash

Making an electric-powered styrofoam boat isn’t as hard as it sounds, apparently.

A Polish crafting YouTube channel called Jacensson made a mini Coca-Cola boat out of upcycled materials. The vlogger, based in Czechowice-Dziedzice, uses everyday objects and scientific principles to conduct cool experiments. You can expect to find projects like a gravity towerhow to open a Big Mac underwater and a mini pizza cups experiment on the page. 

To create the toy boat, Jacensson carves the base out of styrofoam. He then cuts two pieces of a rubbish antenna into segments and inserts them into an empty aerosol can. Next, he covers the interior of the styrofoam boat in a Coca-Cola label and places a small tealight candle on top. 

He adds the top of two Coke cans to the front of the boat and another brand label on the outside for decor. Jacensson then uses the remaining pieces of the Coke can to create a holder for the aerosol mechanism which serves as the motor. Finally, he adds a few Lego pieces to the styrofoam, like a steering wheel and a minifig captain. 

Now it’s time to experiment. The crafter puts the toy in water, lights the candle and hopes the steam propels the boat. But it’s a fail.

Jacensson then quickly adds an electric power configuration. It works. The styrofoam boat cruises around his small pool with ease. Not bad for an upcycled project. 

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