YouTuber invents way to play ping pong against yourself

Zoir Azimuratov, who runs the YouTube channel Mr. Zoir, specializes in crafting tutorials. Some of his DIY projects include how to make a 3D marble Labyrinth, how to build a cardboard safe and how to make a syringe gun

In September, Azimuratov came up with the perfect craft for self-isolating: a ping pong game for one

“If you want to play ping pong but you don’t have a partner, create an awesome table for one person! It’s very easy to build and fun to play,” the video caption says. 

First, Azimuratov takes a wooden board that’s 20 x 40 centimeters. Next, he covers the edge of each side with PVC edge banding tape. He holds the board vertically, and using a ruler, he makes four notches at the top with a pencil. Each marks 1 centimeter, 10 centimeters, 11 centimeters and 19 centimeters. Azimuratov then uses masking tape to cover the space inside the notches, except in the space between the 10 and 11-centimeter marks. 

Next, the vlogger spraypaints the board white. After it dries, he removes the masking tape. Azimuratov drills a hole through the board’s center and screws a wooden peg into it on one side. Finally, on the other side, he glues another 20-centimeter board across the middle that will serve as the ping pong net. 

The finished product is a ping pong board on a stick. Azimuratov places a ping pong ball on one end, and almost like a paddle ball toy, he bounces the ball back and forth across the divider. 

Now that’s one way to keep from going stir crazy during quarantine! 

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